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Event Updates January 2024

Provisional Results and Championship Points from Round 1 of the EZI UP and GO Victorian Hill Climb Championship

The 2024 Victorian Hill Climb Championship commenced on Sunday 21st January, where a packed field of 108 entries lined up to take to the Rob Roy (long) course.

With the weather conditions almost ideal for motorsport, Mike Barker in his Hayward 06 emerged as the fastest over 4 attempts, with a best time of 23.81 to trump the always impressive and spectacular Patrick Malanaphy in the wild Yacar Crosscart with a 24.10 and Daniel Leitner with a 25.80 in a Subaru WRX. 

4th fastest was Keith Wilson in his Ninja BH1 with Matthew Healy in his Yacar Crosscart rounding out the top 5 with a 26.36.

Mike’s time was also a new Outright Record for the 'long' course, beating his previous record of 23.96, set in October 2023.

Daniel's time also ensured he was fastest tin top at the event, follow by Jordan James in an Evo 4 Lancer with a 27.07 and David Harris in another WRX 3rd fastest tin top with a 27.78. These 3 gentlemen proving that the WRX Vs Evo Lancer argument continues into the future.


Emma Collyer proved to be the fastest woman up the Rob Roy course with a time of 30.28. This left her 4th in Improved Production 4wd and 20th outright.


Provisional results and the Championship points are attached in this update.

Motorsport Australia SPEED READ


Follow this link to their wrap up of Round 1 with feedback from Mike Barker - Barker wins Victorian hill climb opener (


Request for photos and videos


If anyone has any photos or video from the weekend that they'd like to share, please let us know via the account. We will post them on the VHC website and Facebook page


VHCC Round 2 at Bryant Park


Reminder to all that entries for Round 2 are now open. Round 2 will be hosted by the Gippsland Car Club at Bryant Park and will use the Clockwise layout (Flyer attached).


Please note that in the next update, we will be trialling a new document to assist Phil with his commentary - it will be voluntary for competitors to fill out and email back prior to the event. The idea is to give Phil additional information on each competitor/vehicle so that he can use the information while doing his commentary during an event.

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