83962941Hill Climbing is a motor sport event which pits you and your car against a challenging uphill course.

It’s the art of driving a car on cold tyres as quickly and neatly as possible around the corners and up the hill, up a bitumen road sometimes no wider than a garden path.

Each run up the hill provides its own challenge to improve on your past times and beat the other cars in your class, or to aim for the fastest time of the day.The event comprises practice and competition timed runs, allowing drivers to try their hardest to improve their times during the event.

The winners are the ones with the fastest times for the event in each class, and the overall winner is the one with the fastest time on the day.

One of the most social motorsports, hillclimbing at all levels provides a friendly atmosphere for you to gather with co-competitors and spectators, to watch and assist each other while providing an exciting competition.