Lightweight, compact and convenient. Trydel's Up&Go Tyre repair kit offers fast and easy repair to get you back on the road. With no extra hoses to mess with you simply screw the refillable bottle to the compact compressor, inflate and you're ready to go. Uses Trydel VY sealant which seals faster and is better for the environment. Trydel Research currently manufactures around 100,000 litres of Tyre Sealant products per annum.




 Trydel products have been under development since 1993. During this time Trydel has made world first discoveries through its intensive research program leading to the successful formulation of products that will withstand the high centrifugal forces that destroy all other sealants of this type operating in highway vehicles. By analysing and researching the effects of these forces through its world first "Camera in Wheel" test facility has enabled Trydel to progress far beyond any other manufacturer in this field.

Through its discovery of electrical energy between tyre and wheel / rim that causes the generation of ozone within the tyre chamber and the resulting corrosive effect around the bead area, Trydel has been working to overcome the consequences of this static activity through a unique and advanced formulation technology.





Gaggle Group is a fully integrated product design, sourcing and brand agency. Our in house design, sourcing and branding teams create inspired and re-imagine brands and product that provide our clients with a definite advantage to differentiate, influence, grow and succeed. Gaggle Group supports the Victorian Hill Climb Championship with a range of services including design, product sourcing and marketing.





GT Web Hosting started to help those less technically minded to easily get a web presence. GT Web Hosting began in business as educators and quickly discovered that the bigger or faceless hosting companies weren’t providing the support that many folks needed so we decided to start our own friendly hosting company.

Our vision is simple: Affordable hosting while maintaining a personal feel with a focus on people.





The Victorian Hill Climb Championship is sanctioned and permitted by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) as a State Level Championship.

CAMS has been the custodian of motor sport in Australia since 1953. CAMS is the National Sporting Authority (ASN) for motor sport in Australia, and is delegated this responsibility by the Federation Internationale de’l Automobile (FIA)