2021 Supplementary Regulations VHC R6 Wodonga



2021 VHCC

NAME OF EVENT: 2021 Victorian Hillclimb Championship Round 6

TYPE OF EVENT: Speed Event: VHC Victorian Hillclimb Championships Round 6

VENUE/LOCATION: Logic Driver Training Centre, Barnawartha,


PREAMBLE The event will be conducted under the International Sporting Code of the FIA., the National Competition Rules (NCR) of Motorsport Australia, the Speed Event Standing Regulations, the State Championship or Series Regulations relevant to the event, The Motorsport Australia Motor Sport Passenger Ride Activity (MSPRA) Policy the Motorsport Australia Come and Try Policy, these Supplementary Regulations and any further Supplementary Regulations or Bulletins which may be issued. This Event will be conducted under and in accordance with Motorsport Australia OH&S, Safety 1st and Risk Management Policies including the current Motorsport Australia COVID-19 Ready to Race strategy requirements, which can be found on the Motorsport Australia website at www.motorsport.org.au. Certain public, property, professional indemnity and personal accident insurance is provided by Motorsport Australia in relation to the event. Further details can be found in the Motorsport Australia Insurance Handbook, available at www.motorsport.org.au.



ORGANISING CLUB/PROMOTER Albury and Wodonga District Car Club

ORGANISING COMMITTEE Albury and Wodonga District Car Club

ADDRESS PO Box 590, Albury, 2640 EMAIL hillclimb@awdcc.com.au


CLERK OF COURSE Colin Elliott MEMBER ID 1702477


SCRUTINEER Greg Chapple MEMBER ID 9909012


JUDGE OF FACT David West MEMBER ID 9025897


2nd STEWARD Gary Gourlay MEMBER ID 9338336

COVID-19 CHECKER David West MEMBER ID 9025897


EVENT SCHEDULE Day Date & Time Activity Location Wednesday 30 June 2021 2400 hrs Entries close Secretariat Friday 2 July 2021 1200 hrs Acceptance of entry notified; Further Regulations and Provisional Start Order emailed Secretariat Sunday 4 July 2021 0700 hrs Gates Open LOGIC Driver Training Centre, Barnawartha. 0700 hrs Competitor Book-in begins 0830 hrs Book-in closes 0830 hrs Driver’s Briefing 0845 hrs Track familiarisation run 0900 hrs Start of competition 1230 hrs Lunch break 1630 hrs Finish of competition Wednesday 7 July 2021 1200 hrs Publication of results www.hillclimbvic.com.au

ENTRIES Entries open upon publication of the Event Supplementary Regulations on www.hillclimbvic.com.au. Supplementary Regulations will also be made available on social media platforms. Notification of acceptance of entry will be forwarded by email to all accepted competitors in the week prior to the event. This advice will include Further Regulations and other additional specific information in relation to the running of events at the Logic Driver Training Facility. Please also note the following in relation to entries: a) NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. b) Entry is only via the Motorsport Australia Event Entry System which is available at www.motorsport.org.au. c) Payment is only via the Motorsport Australia Event Entry System, using credit card. d) Entries will be accepted in order of receipt unless otherwise specified. The maximum number of entries accepted will be 100. e) The organisers may refuse any entry in accordance with the NCR’s of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. f) Entries from competitors under 18 years of age must be with the consent of a parent/guardian and the entry form countersigned accordingly. g) Event organisers reserve the right to cancel, abandon or postpone the event in accordance with the NCR’s of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. h) Minimum Motorsport Australia Licence requirement is either Speed or Junior.

VEHICLE ELIGIBILITY All vehicles must comply with Schedule A and Schedule B of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. Competition vehicles may be subject to inspection by the Scrutineers for eligibility and safety. Cars must be adequately muffled to reduce noise; in the opinion of organisers.

SCRUTINEERING Vehicle scrutiny will be Self-Scrutiny using the prescribed form available on www.motorsport.org.au. Some random (contactless) vehicle inspections will be conducted by the Chief Scrutineer, prior to the event and throughout the course of the day.

PIT AREA Due to space limitations and COVID-19 contingencies, defined areas will be provided for all competition vehicles, within the Pit Area. Information about the pit area layout will be provided with the Further Regulations REFUELLING Fuel used in competition vehicles must be in accordance with Schedule G of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. All re-fuelling must be undertaken in the designated re-fuelling area which will be within the Pit Area.

LICENCES Competitors must produce a valid and current: a) Motorsport Australia Competition Licence. b) Club Membership Card of a Motorsport Australia Affiliated Car Club c) Vehicle Log Book (if issued).

CLASSES The competition will provide for the classes as listed in table below.

A1 Formula Vee

A2 Formula Ford 1600 or Duratec

A3 Formula Libre up to 1300cc

A4 Formula Libre 1301cc to 2000cc

A5 Formula Libre 2001cc and over

B1 Sports Cars 2WD Clubman up to 1600cc

B2 Sports Cars 2WD Open/Closed up to 2000cc

B3 Sports Cars 2WD Open/Closed 2001cc to 3000cc

B4 Sports Cars 2WD Open/Closed 3001cc and over

B5 Production Sports 2B & 2F – up to 2000cc

B6 Production Sports 2B & 2F – 2001cc to 3000cc

B7 Production Sports 2B & 2F – 3000cc and over

C1 Sports Sedans – 2WD up to 1600cc

C2 Sports Sedans – 2WD 1601cc to 2000cc

C3 Sports Sedans – 2WD 2001cc and over

C4 Sports Sedans – 4WD all capacities

C5 Time Attack - All

C6 Improved Production – 2WD up to 1600cc

C7 Improved Production – 2WD 1601cc to 2000cc

C8 Improved Production – 2WD 2001cc to 3000cc

C9 Improved Production – 2WD 3001cc and over

C10 Improved Production – 4WD all capacities

D1 Historic – Other (all other groups)

D2 Historic – Group N – up to 2000cc

D3 Historic – Group N – 2001cc and over

ECO E1 All Hybrid and Electric Vehicles that comply with any MA category

F1 Non Log booked cars (non-Championship Points scoring cars)


APPAREL Approved helmets and apparel shall be in accordance with Schedule D of the current Motorsport Australia Manual.

COVID – 19 REQUIREMENTS This event will be run in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions and provisions of the day and the Motorsport Australia protocols.

TIMING The following will apply to timing of the event: a) Times and results will be available on Natsoft; http://racing.natsoft.com.au/results/ b) Timing will be electronic and accurate to 0.01 seconds. c) Timekeepers will be considered to be Judges of Fact Please note that the track will not be available for untimed practice, prior to the event, however a familiarisation procession is scheduled on the day of the event, prior to the beginning of competition.

AWARDS Class winners will be determined according to the fastest time for a single run in each class. In the event of a tie the next fastest time will be used to determine the Class Winner. Trophies will be awarded for: a) First in each Class b) Second in each Class c) Third in each class d) Fastest time for the day e) Fastest female competitor. RESULTS Results will be available on the AWDCC website and the Motorsport Australia Victorian Hillclimb Panel website (www.hillclimbvic.com.au) in the week following the event. Protests must be lodged in accordance with the NCR’s of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances The holder of a Motorsport Australia Licence (or a Licence issued by another ASN) may be tested for the presence of any drug or other banned substance and subject to a penalty for a breach of the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy and/or the Motorsport Australia Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policy at www.motorsport.org.au. Consumption of alcohol in the paddock, pits or any other Reserved Area is prohibited until all Competition is concluded each day. The holder of a Motorsport Australia Licence (or a Licence issued by another ASN) may be tested for the presence of alcohol by a Motorsport Australia Accredited Testing Official (CATO) 

Entry Via Motorsport Australia online entry