VHC R4 Results

Round 4 of the TRYDELL UP&GO Victorian Hillclimb Championship was held at Bryant Park Gippsland promoted by PIARC. The weather was not kind to officials or competitors with rain and an icy wind keeping some drivers stuck in the garages. Conditions didn’t stop some drivers brave the wet track with Jim McNiven topping the times with 89.40. Christopher Brooksby second with 91.67 and Daniel Leitner third (92.24)
Second run was still wet with times slowly coming down. Mark Baldwin leading with 88.92 Christopher Brooksby bettered his previous best with a 89.89 but could beat Jim McNiven first run time to be third.
Third run conditions were wet to start but started to dry out towards the end of the run with times dropping quickly. Daniel Leitner managed a 86.30, Bruce Minahan second (87.64) and Chris Brooksby third (88.38)
Last run and the track was drying out with the faster cars being able to get some grip and post some very quick times. Current Victorian Champion, Garry Martin had a scorching lap to post a 79.80, the only competitor to go sub 80sec. second was Mike Barker with a best of 81.42 and third Bruce Minahan with 82.39
A BIG thank you to all the officials who stood out in the rain and icy wind so the competitors could race. Special thanks to Andrew, who was on the start line all day without any cover. Always had a smile on his face too.